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Class of 2015: Jessilyn

Hi Friends!

This session is super close to my heart because it was for my littlest Cousin who is graduating High School this year  (i.e.: I feel SO OLD! :) I stayed in the hospital with my Aunt after Jessilyn was born and she was the Flower Girl in my wedding–Oh how time flies!!  I was so honored to be asked to capture her at this most wonderful time in her life. On to bigger and brighter Jess! I know you’ll do amazing things in this World :) xoxo.

Congratulations Class of 2015!!!

xo. – S

PS- and just because I can :) I had to take a couple shots of Jess and her beautiful Mom (who also happens to be my Aunt :) — Love these sweet shots and that lovely blur!

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Hi baby, Halsten!

Hi Friends!

I had the pleasure of capturing sweet baby, Halsten with his family. He is such a sweet little peanut!

He was a really cooperative during his session and only “requested” that he be swaddled the whole time. We worked around his one little request :) and the pics turned out so cute and cuddly. I LOVE the outdoor shots! I don’t get to take outdoor images during a newborn session very often but we were blessed with sunshine and the shots on the Goodwin’s porch are just lovely.

Congratulations you two– he’s just perfect!

Isn’t this deck just perfection! I couldn’t help but grab a couple shots in the chairs and a nice cliche family shot on the steps– so cute!

The Goodwin’s planted this little tree to grow with baby Halsten– I can’t wait to see this ‘image’ each year as he grows!

The sweet little blanket below was the work on Grandma’s from both sides—such love for this little one!

Welcome to the World Baby Halsten! I can’t wait to see you grow — xo. S

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Turner Family

Hi Friends!

I had such fun capturing this sweet little family on a very sunny Seattle day! We met up at the Arboreteum and the weather was perfectly warm and bright for the entire session. It was actually a task to find some suitable shade–not what we’re used to in Seattle!

Bradey and Ryan were lovely to work with and their little peanut, Kenley is just a doll baby! She loves the song “Happy” so Pharrell on Ryan’s cell phone came in very handy to help keep her attention. I loved the shots of her starting to run off (she just learned to walk) and playing with her Mama’s necklace because these moments are soon forgotten and looking back and remembering your Littles at that age is just priceless. We also squeezed in a couple birthday shots of Miss K—love that smile and those sweet dance moves! Enjoy friends!

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Gemma turns TWO!

Hi Friends!

I absolutely adore this dreamy 2nd Birthday session I did for Gemma. The location was just perfect for her dress and birthday crown! It took us a couple tries to schedule the session with the right weather but it REALLY paid off!

Happy-Happy-Birthday Gemma! We love you!

….Because Gemma and my Daughter, Isla are friends I had to get a photo of them walking together. I love the shot below– I can just imagine them as big kids, teenagers and then little old ladies–strolling on the boardwalk, gossiping like their mamas. :)

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Newborn: Madison

Hi Friends!

One of the things I love most about this job is capturing my clients’ (and friends’!) biggest milestones. I was so thrilled when Anna called me to do her beautiful new Daughter, Madison’s newborn photo shoot. As you may remember, Anna and Brian were one of the lovely couples we got to capture on their wedding day two years ago. It was so fun to see her again and meet Miss Madison! She is such a sweetie pie and a ‘Daddy’s-mini-me’ (which I appreciate since my little one looks exactly like Daddy too :). She was such a cooperative girl–doling out smiles and posing herself. She only got fussy and bright-eyed when she wanted ‘milk & mama’–and who can blame her? It’s hard to be 5 days old :)

Happy Birthday Miss Madison–Welcome to this big beautiful world!




(PS- If these detail shots don’t give you baby fever–I don’t know what will?!!! :)









All my love Garners :)





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Newborn: Olivia

Hello Friends!

When I booked my ticket to visit my Best Friend in Miami and meet her newest Daughter (and my brand new Niece!!!) I was giddy to offer to take her Newborn Photos. It is the most personal gift I could give her and I am so blessed to share her very first days with them and take these images for her. From my proud Auntie heart to you….introducing, Olivia Reese Fischer.










My Niece, Grace is a VERY proud Big Sister! She loves her baby sis and is always saying, ‘she so cute.’ It really is the most heart melting thing ever. We found out quickly there’s so much love there that sometimes it can get a little smothering. Thankfully Olivia was pretty patient with her older Sis :)



I love when sessions yield perfect surprises and that’s what the photos below were. After the session the girls needed some ‘mama cuddle time.’ I continued to shoot as I was chatting with Ashli. The photos below are an honest picture of these little ladies and their mama.



I thought it was only fitting to include this outtake in the set above… gotta love this hilarious shot. G needs a thought bubble that says, “I got this Sis- you are my people” :)

and last but not least…..I LOVE when it’s warm enough to take a family shot OUTSIDE! (Thank you Miami!)

Congratulations Fischers- a family of four looks good on you :)


Photographer’s Note:

I love knowing how a Photographer got the shots they did. Deconstructing is the best part right? Here are my Photographer Notes on this shoot.

The last time I traveled to do Grace’s newborn shoot I brought a bunch of blanket backdrops and props. This time around I worked with what they had in the house. It worked out pretty perfect! The house is rather dark with the low roofline but I was able to figure out that the guest room I shot in got decent light in the morning/afternoon and I could move the blackout shades and white curtains to move light (and shadows :) into place. The white ruffle fabric is the long curtain behind Olivia. There were 4 panels and I used 2 for the window and 2 for the “blanket.” It turned out great! The biggest lesson I learned from this shoot was to work with what you have (most the time it’s better than what you’ve brought), watch the light and when working with siblings–start with those shots and work more in as the older sibling is willing.



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TWO! (& counting): Grace

When I was in Miami to meet my Niece, Olivia I couldn’t help but squeeze in a couple birthday shots for my two-year old Niece, Grace. I love these because they remind me that this is exactly what ‘two’ is all about: exploring, fun, color! and lots of fun expressions. We love you Gracie! Happy – Happy Birthday! xoxo.

(she is explaining to me that she is turning F-I-V-E! Two going on Five :)

Like I said, all expressions :) I love that kids don’t hold back.

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Newborn: Maleah

Hi Friends!

I’m so thrilled to FINALLY be posting this pretty little newborn/family session I did for the Sindayens and their new beautiful little bundle, Maleah. I was so lucky to photograph Loraine’s maternity session, “reveal” baby shower and now Maleah’s newborn session. The little lady was definitely suspicious of me and my big camera….I got a lot of looks like this …..

 I would like to caption this, “Mom, I would just like to inform you that you have a strange woman with a large camera over your shoulder. Thank you. That is all” :) …. but laughs aside she was so well behaved and such a good sport as I moved her in and out of her family members arms, in and out of swaddles and in baskets. I have come to see the benefit in doing photojournalistic style newborn shoots where you just work with what the baby is up for…I think this session is proof that it really paid off. If we would have waited for her to sleep I would have missed all the sweet sleepy shots and those big brown eyes! She’s a little beauty!!



Look at those eyes! gorgeous!!

Sisters…and one sweet little moment :)


 Maleah & her adoring fans :)


 I love the shadow and this Daddy shot

 I love “love” :)


yep, this right here….this gives me baby fever!! That sweet little baby face is delicious! :)

One little baby and her amazing mama. This shot is a favorite.


Thank you for letting me share in your joy Sindayen Family…. I was so blessed to capture it for you.

and, last but not least…Welcome to this big, beautiful, wonderful world Maleah. You are very loved.

xo- S

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Vann Family

I’ve been lucky enough to capture some of the Vann Family’s most precious little moments …. Andrea’s maternity session, Addy’s newborn photos to this year’s family shoot… I love watching the kiddos get bigger. Their little personalities are crazy-fun and I love that every time I deliver photos Andrea’s always surprised I got “anything” to work with. ha! Thank you Washington weather for the late Fall sun! I love those sun spots- pretty,pretty :)











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McKinney Wedding

Hi Friends!

It’s time to sit back and soak in some seriously pretty ‘wedding bliss’ from Lindsey and Kyle’s “Big Day!”

We are so lucky to be close pals with Lindsey and Kyle ….so when they asked us to photograph their wedding we felt so honored. (I should mention, I use the “we” here because my Hubby, Brandon took the reins as my “Second Shooter” and did an awesome job! Thanks babe!) Their wedding was my last of 2013 and it was the best way to cap off my wedding season.

Getting laughs and silly moments out of these two was a cinch! They are a super fun couple and love to laugh … evidenced below (I seriously LOVE this shot! This is all them :)….

 ….and they evenly balance that carefree fun with companionship and mutual respect. There is a whole lotta love between these two!



 *You gotta love a “first look” where they fall in each others arms- gorgeous :) *

 Can anyone say Christmas Card Photo? :)






 This wedding was over a year in the making and every detail was lovingly created to make guests feel special and share who Lindsey&Kyle are together. The event was held at The Pickering Barn in Issaquah, Wa. The Barn and grounds are GORGEOUS! They were also blessed with some serious Seattle sun which always help :)

 and now please hold your breath because this Dad&Daughter shot makes my heart skip a beat… pretty.






 Now, now….I know this photo is a little blurry but it reminds me of that Lifehouse song…”and it’s you and me …and all of the people”…. That’s what a wedding is really about. Lotsa Love!



 Happy-Happy-Wedding dear Friends. You deserve all the best!

Congratulations. xoxo.

Sandi (oh yah, &B :)




Caterer: Emerald Cove Catering

Florist: Marine View Florist

Bakery: Borrachini’s Bakery

Linen Rentals: Grand Event Party Rentals

DJ: Tune City DJs


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