Beau turns ONE!

Hi Friends!

This one-year old cake smash session is especially close to my heart because it’s for the Son of one of my dearest friends (who is very much my ‘Mom Lifeline’). I have known this little man since he was 1 day old and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. This session was completely “him” with his coy little glances and sweet smirky-smile. He was a very serious ‘cake smasher’- just slightly poking it, then patting it a bit, then picking the whole thing up to give it a taste. He was dedicated to the job and a pretty laid back guy, which is exactly who he is.

Sweet Beau–we love watching you grow up. You are such a bright light- with the sweetest of hearts (literally, this boy would make you melt!) Happy very-FIRST Birthday to you. ¬†xoxo.


spying on me (this is so typical – Mr. Coy!)

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